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Why Get VASER Shape?

VASER Shape works great after cosmetic surgery, especially after VASER Liposuction. This treatment can also be done for overall slimming and tightening.

Procedure Details

VASER Shape uses both ultrasonic cavitation and lymphatic drainage to encourage blood circulation, smooth out fat and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. The procedure is painless. You will feel a slight tingling sensation and localized heat. Many people find it to be very relaxing. 

Preparation & Recovery

Since this treatment utilizes suction to promote good circulation and lymphatic drainage, avoiding blood thinning medications is important. OTC medications and supplements such as fish oil, vitamin E, Aspirin and Advil should be avoided a few days prior to treatment to reduce the risk of bruising. Staying well hydrated is also important. Alcohol consumption should be avoided for 24 hours after your treatments.
Individuals with known heart and vascular disease, implantable devises or are pregnant should not have this treatment. 
Prep & Rec
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