Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can I get a quote for my desired procedure over the phone?

A : Since every procedure varies greatly on each person's needs and wants, we are unable to quote you a price for your desired procedure without first having a consult. 

Q : What should I expect during my first cosmetic consult?

A : At Salas Plastic Surgery we want your experience with us to be nothing less than perfect. When coming in for your appointment you will be greeted at the front desk and asked to fill out some paperwork before your appointment. You will then be taken into a room where one of our medical assistants will take your medical history and ask about your procedure of interest. Pictures will be taken for our private records to compare before and after results. We do post some images & videos to social media, however special consent has to be obtained first. For more information regarding this click here. When you're ready Dr. Salas will introduce himself and help answer any questions you have. When the procedure details are confirmed we can then give you an accurate quote. Some individuals schedule their procedure right away, where as others take time to think about it. Please be assured that whatever you decide to do we are always here to help. 

Q : What's the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a board certified plastic surgeon?

A : Plastic surgery is a specific and detailed specialty. If someone is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, it means that they have been held to the highest standards as it pertains to skills, knowledge, judgment, safety and ethics in that particular specialty. The title Cosmetic Surgeon has no specific qualifications of educational standards. Often times, doctors who call themselves cosmetic surgeons typically belong to another board and can be a specialist in any number of medical areas. When you choose a board certified plastic surgeon you are ensuring a higher level of expertise and training for your personal care. 

Q : What's the difference between a facial plastic surgeon and a plastic surgeon? Can they do the same things?

A : Some surgeons may prefer to stick to one particular section of the body. The only difference between the two is one limits himself to what he does.

Q : What are the details regarding posting my pictures to social media?

A : We post some pictures to our social media accounts and occasionally take surgical videos to add to our online profile. We find that by doing this, a huge educational and informative advantage is met. Many of our patients enjoy learning and seeing the details of our offered services. Prior to posting any pictures we will make sure we have obtained the proper consent. We have a few different forms that you may sign that help you specify what you are okay with sharing on social media platforms. Please be assured that if you do consent to this, our top priority is your comfort and privacy. 

 feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have 

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