Why Permanent Makeup?

Preparation and Recovery

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Why Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a great option for anyone looking for an easier morning routine. With improved and complex techniques, permanent makeup (Micropigmentation), has come a long way from years ago. Here at Salas Plastic Surgery we guarantee your technician is well trained and board certified in the field of permanent and corrective makeup. 

Procedure Details




A lash line enhancement is a simple yet dramatic change that makes a big difference when you're not wearing makeup. During the procedure pigment will be etched along the lash line. The thickness and style of your eyeliner is entirely up to you and will be decided before beginning. 




Microblading is a new fairly technique involving the eyebrows. By using a hand tool, small hairlike strokes are made in the skin. This technique is loved by many because of the naturalness of the outcome. A similar technique can be used with a traditional permanent makeup machine to help simulate hair strokes. Your permanent makeup technician will consult with you over the many options available to achieve your perfect brows. 




Permanent makeup on the lips is a great way to add color and improve the overall shape of the lips. 


Scar Camouflage


 Individuals who have scars may be a candidate for this procedure. By matching your skin tone we area we are able to greatly improve the appearance of many scars. 


3D Areola Tattooing


For patients following a mastectomy, 3D Areola Tattooing is a great option. Many men and women don't know that this is an option as a part of their reconstruction. With this incredible technique a natural looking areola is possible, giving our patients a renewed sense of confidence. This procedure is often painless due to nerve loss from a mastectomy. If you feel any pain a topical anesthetic may be applied for comfort. 

Preparation & Recovery

Individuals who are currently undergoing chemotherapy, are in the middle of an autoimmune flare, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have a sunburn/tan,  or have flu like symptoms are not candidates for this procedure. If you use any lash enhancement serums you must stop use 2-4 weeks prior to any eyeliner treatment. Lasers and IPLs must be stopped 4 weeks prior to any treatment. Individuals who have a history of cold sores/blisters or joint replacements must be pre-medicated. 
Recovery generally takes 6-8 weeks. A few days after you may experience some scabbing of the skin. We urge you not to pick at this as it can cause scaring and hinder the outcome. After the procedure you will be given specific instructions. A touch up is needed for the majority of patients to reinforce the color.