Why Have A Neck Lift?

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Why Have A Neck Lift?

A well-proportioned neck is the cornerstone of elegance and attractiveness. It draws the eye and frames the face.

A Necklift can help restore a sleek contour for your neck, and make it look better than ever. The procedure involves tightening the platysma neck muscle and removing fatty deposits. This can help rectify unattractive 'turkey' neck and offers a long-lasting solution.

Although a shapely neck is a marker of feminine beauty, the procedure can also work wonders for men. When Dr. Salas is working with male patients, he notices that firming up the neck and strengthening the jaw and chin in certain ways, can 'masculinize' your face.

Procedure Details

When fatty deposits occur in the neck area and when the patient's genetics result in a less defined chin-jaw line, then a condition popularly described as "turkey neck" occurs. Appearing to the eye as perhaps premature aging, this condition is being treated by plastic surgery in ways that bring significant relief and benefit to people who were simply "born that way".


The neck procedure, viewed at the practical surgical level, is actually a combination of face lift procedure and liposuction. Usually the surgery of the neck is reached through incisions around the ears and through small incisions permits hiding the scars in the facial details. Skin is then pulled up and back and the excess skin is removed; and excessive fat is removed using a small cannula. This provides a new, more pleasing neck and jaw line.

Preparation & Recovery

Each patient will be given specific and tailored instructions regarding preparation for surgery.


Those who smoke run a greater risk of chest infection and the healing wounds in smokers may be slower. For patients who smoke it is advisable to cut down for a week before surgery and to stop smoking completely for three days immediately before the operation. Assumption of Aspirin or blood thinning medication should be avoided before the procedure as it can reduce natural blood clotting after.