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Why Have A Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover helps moms look and feel better than ever, by reversing and counteracting the changes to the body wrought by pregnancy. By combining multiple procedures into a single recovery period, Mommy Makeovers help busy moms look their best with minimal downtime, and can produce a dramatic improvement in appearance. Although these changes most commonly center around the abdomen and breasts, Dr. Salas recognises how complicated the effects of pregnancy can be, and understands that almost any cosmetic procedure may be part of your Mommy Makeover.

     For women planning additional pregnancies, Dr. Salas would normally recommend you delay your Mommy Makeover until afterwards, as any improvements will likely be lost.

Abdominoplasty/ Tummy Tuck

     In order to accommodate a growing baby, the uterus has to expand. This process in turn causes the abdominal wall to be pushed and potentially deformed, most commonly resulting in abdominal separation and a relative weakness between the two sides of the abdomen. Unfortunately this leads to deformity and an unsightly abdominal bulge.

     The same expansion of the uterus also causes skin over the midsection to stretch, and after childbirth, it may struggle to regain its former latency. This is particularly the case when a woman has had several prior pregnancies, or is genetically predisposed to this. Just like after dramatic weight loss, the skin's inability to shrink to its original dimensions leaves excess skin and folds. 

     A Tummy Tuck removes excess skin and fat from below the belly button the the pubis line. Although a complex operation, this is a fantastic way to improve body shape, that can result in a dramatic improvement in appearance.

Breast Lift & Implant

     Pregnancy leads to hormonal changes that often cause women's breasts to enlarge. This causes the skin on the breasts to stretch. After childbirth, this swelling subsides, and breast tissue decreases in volume. Although this affects every women differently, and is influenced by a variety of factors, the breasts may be left with a 'deflated' appearance. To correct this, both a breast lift and breast implant are potential options. Breast lifts can help restore bouyancy and a youthful firmness to the breasts. Breast implants and improve volume and give the bust a fuller, more attractive profile. These procedures can help give women confidence in their appearance, after the rigours of pregnancy and childbirth.



     Liposuction can be used to target resistant pockets of fat around the thighs, midsection and arms. After pregnancy, moms often find there are certain pockets of fat that they just can't shift. Liposuction can be particularly effective to combat this.

Facial Treatments

     As many women know from experience, the stress and emotional load of pregnancy can often create signs of aging on your face. Dr. Salas has a range of nonsurgical treatments available, to rejuvenate the skin on your face and leave you looking and feeling better than ever. If you feel that pregnancy has left you looking tired, or just could use a boost, book a consultation now!