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  Meet Natasha Ioshpa APN

Nurse Practitioner Specializing In Wound Care, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

In-Patient Care, Injectables, Patient Education


About Natasha Ioshpa APN



Natasha Ioshpa is a nurse practitioner with advanced training in wound care, plastic and reconstructive surgery. She is a pivotal member of our team as she continues to coordinate care and round on our inpatients at various hospitals. 

Natasha began her career in medicine in Russia with her physical education degree. After moving to New Jersey, USA she studied at Seton Hall University and received her BSN. She worked at Saint Barnabas Medical Center for many years and eventually went on to receive her MSN (masters in the science of nursing).

As a nurse practitioner, Natasha plays a valuable roll in patient care and education. Patients who have the pleasure of having Natasha care for them know that she really is one of the best. Her compassion, care and abilities come together to create the perfect member to have on our team.

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