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Following Your Consultation

We enjoyed meeting you. Here are some things to keep in mind when contemplating your next step.


Procedure Information

We hope all of your questions regarding your desired procedure were answered during your consultation. However, we know that making the decision to have plastic surgery can be difficult and additional questions are bound to surface. We encourage you to write down any questions you may have and bring them to your next appointment. 


We kindly ask that you allow one week following your consultation for us to prepare your quote. Expect for the quote to be emailed to you. If you have not received your quote after one week you may call the office. 



Surgical Fees

The cost of your surgery consists of three fees:

1. Surgeon's Fees
2. Anesthesia Fees
3. Facility Fees

The quote you receive will have a detailed breakdown of the cost. 



If your surgery or components of your surgery can be submitted to insurance, our office staff will inform you of the process. In most cases we will have to obtain precertification from your insurance prior to the procedure. 

Picture Simulations

Patients interested in a rhinoplasty should schedule a secondary consultation around 3-4 weeks after their first. During this visit we will show you your edited pictures to discuss the available options.


Medical Testing

During your consultation the need for medical testing prior to your surgery may have been discussed. Once you have your test scheduled then plan to visit us 1-2 weeks after.


Interested in scheduling?

If you are interested in scheduling we are here to help. Please call 973-731-2000 for assistance. 

For any additional questions, feel free to Contact Us.


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