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Why Get Facials?

Procedure Details

Preparation and Recovery

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Why Get Facials ?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and is known to be a reflection of your overall health and wellbeing. Here at Salas Plastic Surgery we take place great importance on skin health and we believe facials are the best place to start. 

Procedure Details

Not all facials are created equally, but that's only because not everyones skin is the same. Some individuals struggle with a specific skin concern such as: Inflammatory or cystic acne, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc. Others may simply want to maintain their skin health and prevent future signs of aging and sun damage. No matter which category you feel you fall into we have you covered.
All facials at Salas Plastic Surgery are designed with the same basic structure. With steps to cleanse, analyze, exfoliate, extract, treat and nourish the skin, your customized facial will be exactly what your skin needs. We also have a variety of MedSpa treatments that work to supercharge your standard facial concept and bring skincare to the next level. 
Many patients we see have concerns not only about their skin but also about their at home care routines. We place great emphasis on educating our patients about recommended products and how to properly use them. Your skincare routine should be tailored to you and incorporate powerful and results driven products. At Salas Plastic Surgery we currently use ZO SKIN HEALTH products. They are a medical grade skincare line and we are proud to use their amazing products during every facial. 

Preparation & Recovery

For our standard facial treatments little to no preparation is needed. 
After your treatment your skincare therapist will make sure to mention the importance of wearing SPF especially after your treatment. You may resume wearing makeup as soon as you wish to. Although may prefer to give their skin a break and enjoy their natural glow. 
Prep & Rec
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