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Why Have An Arm Lift?

Procedure Details

Preparation and Recovery

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Why Have An Arm Lift?

Fluctuations of weight and the effects of time can lead to excess tissue accumulating on the upper arm.
An arm lift can be a good option to achieve a sleek and aesthetic profile, especially where diet and exercise have been ineffective.
This can also be combined with arm liposuction for a particularly slim and attractive silhouette.

Procedure Details

While having an Arm Lift you will be placed under general anesthesia. The procedure involves reshaping and contouring the arms. Depending on your needs, a long incision will be strategically placed on the inner or backside of the arm to prevent the appearance of scarring. 
As with most surgeries there is a risk of noticeable scarring. However, Dr. Salas uses many techniques during and after your surgery to ensure the best possible cosmetic outcome. 

Preparation & Recovery

Each patient will be given specific and tailored instructions regarding preparation for surgery.
Those who smoke run a greater risk of chest infection and the healing wounds in smokers may be slower. For patients who smoke it is advisable to cut down for a week before surgery and to stop smoking completely for three days immediately before the operation. Assumption of Aspirin or blood thinning medication should be avoided for two weeks before surgery as it can reduce natural blood clotting after the operation.
A compression garment needs to be worn for a minimum of 6 weeks after surgery to prevent fluid accumulation. 
Prep & Rec
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