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Learn about services including Liposuction, BBL & more.

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At Salas Plastic Surgery we offer both skincare and medspa Services.


See what face procedures may be right for you.

America's Best Plastic Surgeons 2021,2022 & 2023

A. Peter Salas, MD Ranked

#1 Liposuction
#18 Facelift
#38 Breast Augmentation
#47 Rhinoplasty

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Salas Plastic Surgery

101 Old Short Hills Rd

Suite 501

West Orange, NJ


1016 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY


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Dr Salas is by far the best plastic surgeon I ever met. Love him and his amazing staff.

I met Dr Salas in the ER after a dermatologist had badly ruptured a blood vessel on my cheek and then cauterised it to stop the bleeding, leaving a total mess. He was the plastic surgeon on call. He treated me in the hospital and checked up on me for months to ensure I had no scarring. The care he took was above and beyond expectations. A wonderful Dr and a kind, patient person.

Dr. Salas office also added a staff member who does a beautiful job on facials and skin treatments, Sabrina is excellent also and my skin is glowing. Don't hesitate to call and ask for her. I'm getting lots of compliments on all the treatments I have received in his office for both skin and tummy tuck, lipo and injections on face, eyes, lips.

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