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Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

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As a result of aging, facial muscles become slacker and the skin of the face becomes less elastic and looser, creating folds and lines. A face lift (also called a rhytidectomy) is an operation to lift up the facial skin, and often the underlying muscle, to leave the face tighter and smoother. Sometimes surgery to correct droopy eyelids and bagginess under the eyes (blepharoplasty) is done at the same time as a face-lift. The effects of a face lift can last for up to 10 years, depending on the elasticity of a person's skin. In older people, or people who use sun beds or spend a lot of time in the sun, the effects tend not to last as long. It is important to complete any weight loss programmed before the operation as losing weight can cause loose skin.

A face-lift generally requires a one night stay in hospital. The operation itself lasts around three to four hours and is usually done under general anesthesia, which requires fasting (no food or drink) for around six hours beforehand.

There are a number of different face lift techniques. Sometimes, in addition to incisions to the surface of the skin, fine telescopic instruments are used to work underneath the skin. This is called endoscopic face lift. A typical operation involves a cut within the hairline at the temple. Some hair may be shaved off for the operation, but will regrow to cover the scar. If this is necessary, the surgeon will discuss this beforehand. The incision is extended down to the top of the ear, around the front of the ear to the ear lobe and into the hairline around the back of the ear. A cut may also be made under the chin to help correct a sagging jaw line. For endoscopic surgery, several small incisions are made behind the hair line. The skin is then carefully separated from the underlying muscles of the face. These muscles are tightened and any excess fat is removed. Then the skin is lifted up and pulled back. Excess skin is trimmed off and the cut is stitched. At the end of the operation, the face is tightly wrapped in a dressing. Patients can usually return to normal activities within a few days, and return to more vigorous activities within a couple of weeks.

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