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Breast Reduction

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Women with heavy pendulous breasts frequently suffer from back pain, should ache or chronic irritation of the skin beneath the breasts. There are often painful grooves over the should, caused by bra straps.

In addition this condition often causes social embarrassment and mental anguish. During a breast reduction surgery, excess skin and breast tissue are removed and smaller, younger profile breasts are created. Twenty five years ago breast reduction was a major operation and many woman remained hospitalized for as long as a week after surgery. Today however, thanks to the great advances in knowledge of the breast blood supply and modern surgical techniques, the operation has a much speedier recovery. Patients usually only have to stay one night in the hospital following surgery. The operation is carried out under general anesthesia and takes about two hours.

Incisions are made below the nipple and in the fold beneath the breast. After the breast tissue and skin are removed, the nipple is moved into its new site in the reduced, younger profile breast, either with an intact blood supply or as a free graft. Sometimes there can be a delay in healing around the nipple, and when a free nipple graft has to be used, there is a loss of in projection of the nipple.

Postoperative discomfort is relatively minor as the breast is a skin organ. A small drain is removed at eighteen hours and the patient is usually able to go home within twenty four hours. The sutures are removed between seven and ten days after surgery. The patient can then take a shower or a bath. In the event of slight discharge from the wounds it is recommended to take regular salt baths.

The scars fade in sequence. The scar around the nipple fades first, followed by the scar to the fold beneath the breast. The final scar sometimes becomes raised and reddened or may stretch and widen before it fades.

Women with large breasts tend to have little nipple sensitivity. After breast reduction, the sensation is greatly reduced but the sensitivity will return gradually. A woman will not be able to breast feed after this type of operation. However women with large breasts are often unable to breast feed at all.

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