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Breast Augmentation

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Society places great emphasis on the appearance of the female breast and many women feel inadequate if they consider themselves to be underdeveloped. The smallness of the breasts may be due to failure of development at puberty or excessive atrophy after childbearing.

This can be corrected by placing an implant behind the existing breast tissue. The implant is usually inserted through a very small incision placed in the fold beneath the breast. The resulting scar is very small and is barely visible.

After insertion of the implant, the small incision is closed with one skin suture. A special dressing is applied and this should be left in place until the suture is removed, at 7 to 10 days, by your cosmetic surgeon. It is recommended that sports bra is purchased, about 3 days after the operation, to have it available to wear once the dressing has been removed and the suture taken out. Once the suture has been removed, the patient can shower or bath.

The woman can engage in full sporting activity at 5 weeks when, if she so wishes, she can do so without wearing a bra.

The implant is a material foreign to the body and the body will naturally build a wall around the implant. This wall that the body makes is called a capsule and it occurs in the presence of all implants. Modern implants are so good that the degree of capsule formation is small and does not usually present a problem. Very rarely, one of the breasts may feel slightly firmer than the other. If this bothers the patient then slight pressure on the breast will cause it to become soft again.

The majority of women do not experience this hardening and can usually forget that they ever underwent the operation.

In the first few weeks after surgery, the nipple area may be more sensitive than normal and sometimes there may be a small patch of numbness just above the scar. Such changes are invariably or a temporary nature.

Despite the potential problems outlined, the great majority of patients are very happy and satisfied with their breast enlargement. They feel more self confident and enjoy wearing a wider variety of attractive clothing.

Dr. Salas is featured on RealSelf.com as a breast augmentation expert.

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